About Us

Who We are

Seeds of change is a private organization whose core mandate is to influence positive change in our society through its future stakeholders – the youth. 

Our Mandate

creatively inspire our youth to implement generational change by carefully
crafting and implementing solutions to perennial problems that continue to
affect our present day society

Our target audience are youth aged 17-24 years. Our geographical scope is Kenya.

About the Founder

Eric Mbugua is a seasoned tourism professional with over (12) years’ experience in direct sales, ecommerce, marketing, public relations and event management within the tourism industry. A passionate advocate of societal change through community based initiatives, he founded the Seeds of Change Initiative as his way of impacting the next generation of tourism stakeholders.

Eric is also a professional counselor and a well versed career mentor having participated in mentoring the second cohort at The Young African Leaders Initiative Centre (YALI) launched by the former President of the United States – Barack Obama as a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders.

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