Our Initiatives

The Bespoke Tourism Platform

A short interactive session highlighting the various challenges currently facing the Kenyan tourism sector. The aim is to challenge final year students studying tourism/hospitality to engineer solutions to the very same challenges that they shall encounter as future stakeholders.

Key Benefits

  • Students shall be equipped with the necessary skills to critically decipher problems affecting the tourism sector
  • Students shall be challenged to identify viable business and career opportunities by engineering solutions to the problems identified
  • Students shall be accorded an opportunity to network with key guest speakers during the session who can offer insights and career guidance

Youth in Focus Voter Education Platform

An immersive session aimed at helping our future voters (the youth) understand their rights as young voters and to inspire them to make informed choices during election periods.

Key Benefits

  • The session will address the perennial problem of misuse of the youth by politicians during each election cycle by properly educating them on their roles and rights as young voters
  • The session will equip our youth with the knowledge to determine and choose leaders of integrity and repute during each election cycle.
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